Strand Core Connects the Parts that Build Our World

wire drawing

From wire rod coils to assembled parts, Strand Core connects. Draw-Strand-Assemble is how we work with customers to transform an individual component into the finished product. Our products weave their way throughout high-end applications from 30,000 feet deep to space applications and many places in between.

Connecting Manufacturing Challenges to Solutions

It starts at one of many CWI factories where drawing specialty alloy wires from coils of metal rod, such as stainless steel, nickel, cobalt and copper alloys is CWI’s expertise. Drawing, the metalworking process by which rod or wire is elongated and reduced to a precise diameter, is just the beginning. Depending on the product application, the metal alloy is expertly processed, heated, and surface-treated into an array of fine wire products including bar stock, specialty shape profile wire, and numerous welding wire products. Finished wire is often the starting raw material in the manufacture of other value-added products such as fasteners, mesh, belting, weaves, filters, springs, and screens. The industries served are numerous, and it is safe to say wherever metal equipment is found there is a wire component to be found as well.

Strength in Multiple Strands  

After drawing, some CWI wire heads to Strand Core, for stranding. Strand Core, CWI’s Florida-based company, winds wire to create numerous cable and wire rope configurations. The cable can also undergo further heat or chemical treatment depending on the final application.  Stranded wire is stronger, more flexible and durable than solid—single strand—wire. Hence, cable and wire rope are used to make lifting, supporting, rigging and push/pull mechanisms and assemblies for aerospace, architecture, automotive, marine, medical, theatrical, and oil and gas applications.

Strand Core cable connects to  Sanlo Inc. in Indiana , especially when Made in America products are needed from melt stage to finished assembly. Sanlo takes various cable products and coats them with vinyl or nylon and/or adds a variety of fittings to make custom engineered mechanical cable assemblies. These assembled products help solve an array of “connection” challenges in automotive, railcar, recreational, safety, and security product applications.

CWI, Strand Core and Sanlo products become key components in a vast array of  industrial and commercial  applications, including fastening, welding, lifting, joining, supporting, heating, cutting, pushing, pulling, dampening, protecting and securing. Ongoing articles and blogs on this site will explore in more detail the connections between CWI products and the final end-uses we see and use every day. Some applications are in plain sight and others are deeply hidden. You’ll be surprised to learn the stages and processes wire goes through to make a product or how it plays a critical
component role in a machine or process. 

Draw-Strand-Assemble: It’s how Strand Core connects wire to manufacturers in building a better world. 

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