Choosing a General Purpose Wire Rope Manufacturer

3 Reasons to choose a Domestic Wire Rope Manufacturer

Wire Ropes show up everywhere in our modern world, from the bridges we drive over to the lights in our office spaces. With so many possible applications, and with an increasing focus on safety and durability, it’s important to consider where your general purpose wire rope is made before you choose to purchase for your next project, big or small.

What is General Purpose Wire Rope?

General Purpose Wire Rope is just that: Wire rope of varying materials and constructions used in general applications, most commonly in lifting, hoisting, pulling, and securing. Most often these ropes are made with a carbon steel, either bare (bright) or Zinc Coated (Galvanized), offering an economical balance between strength, flexibility, corrosion resistance, and cost. Individual strand and wire counts vary depending upon the needs of the applications, and basic metallurgy and historical data is used to develop standard breaking strengths and working loads used on the Wire Rope Industry.

Important Considerations when choosing a General Purpose Wire Rope manufacturer

There are many potential sources for your General Purpose Wire Rope. In our global economy, commercial products can be purchased literally anywhere in the world. But before you buy based solely on Price and Delivery, do take the following 3 potential risks into consideration:

    1. Wire Rope is a complicated machine with many moving parts.  Despite its appearance as just a collection of long metal wires, each component in wire rope undergoes a great deal of movement while in operation. Wires slide over one another and strands work back and forth as loads change and are raised or lowered. In your average wire rope, hundreds of individual wires are sharing the load, and there are many opportunities for a failure while in operation. You want to make sure that your rope was made with tight quality standards and certified test results are available to prove the rope will perform.
    2. A manufacturer’s support is crucial if there is a failure. Accidents and failures do occur. In fact, wire rope’s servicewire rope life is the progression toward wire breakage and wear, and is mitigated by inspection and service criteria. Purchasing your wire rope from a reputable manufacturer that has proven consistency and reliable support should there be an issue in the field will provide a bulwark against claims of product inferiority or lax oversight. You want to consider your relationship with the manufacturer and their ability to support you should the need arise.
    3. Flexibility in stock and delivery can save you a lot of money in the long run. Price isn’t everything, as the saying goes. In the case of wire rope, it often makes sense to have a steady, local supply of material that can be called upon during demand spikes or job pull-ins from your customers. When the reaction time needs to be short, you cannot rely on global suppliers to have the turnaround time needed to keep your job site active or your customer running at full capacity. Selecting a manufacturer that provides quick lead times and stock products here in North America can make all the difference in your long term success.

All of the above risks can be controlled through working with a Domestic Wire Rope manufacturer. Strandcore, with its more than 40 years of experience making General Purpose Wire Rope here in the USA is the first choice for customers that need the highest quality, fast lead times, and the technical and industry support that comes from being a true craftsman.  Learn more about our products by visiting our General Purpose Wire Rope page on the new, or contact us directly for a quote on your next project.

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