Differences Between Numerous Military Specifications


Military specifications are classified by a unique code that are used within numerous industries to determine specific product specs. In today’s blog we will be looking at five different military specifications: MIL-DTL-83420, MIL-DTL-87161, MIL-DTL-18375, MIL-DTL-83140, and MIL-DTL-18242. The DTL part of the military specifications stands for defense detail spec. Continue reading our new blog to learn about the five different specifications we manufacture to at Strand Core.


This military defense specification supersedes MIL-W-83420, MIL-C-5424, and MIL-W-1511. The specification pertains to flexible wire rope. More specifically, the specification is for aircraft control. Two types of this wire rope are available, nonjacketed (Type I) and jacketed (Type II). The specification is also available in two compositions, Composition A ( carbon steel, zinc, or tin over zinc coated) and Composition B (corrosion resistant steel).


The MIL-DTL-87161 specification is for non-flexible wire rope that is used in aircraft applications. This specification supersedes MIL-W-87161, MIL-W-5693 and MIL-W-6940. There are two compositions for this specification, Composition A (carbon steel, zinc coated) and Composition B (corrosion resistant steel). The specification is also available in both 1x7 and 1x19 constructions.


MIL-DTL-18375 specifies corrosion resisting, non-magnetic steel wire rope. The wire rope is flexible and preformed for aeronautical use. This specification supersedes MIL-W-18375. The wire rope is capable for operating within -65 degrees F to +250 degrees F.


This specification is for preformed stainless steel wire rope. More specifically, non-rotating wire rope for Aircraft Rescue Hoisting and Cargo Handling. The specification supersedes MIL-W-83140. Type I is 19x7 construction and Type II is 10x7 construction (7x19 IWRC). Type I is for hoisting and Type II is for winching operations.


The MIL-DTL-18242 specification is for wire rope and wire rope assemblies that is made from single leg-corrosion resisting steel. The specification for this wire rope is specifically used for minesweeping.

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