Four Common Terminals for Cable Assemblies

Strand Core has the capability to manufacture wire rope and cable assemblies to meet your specific requirements. We maintain an inventory of commercial and military specification cable, along with a broad range of fitting components so we can always create an effective product solution for you. To help you determine which terminals best suit your assembly, visit and keep reading for more information about our eye ends, ball ends, studs, and clip lock turnbuckles.

Eye Ends
Eye ends can be used in a variety of different applications, ranging from commercial to military, and marine rigging to architectural rigging. They work well with other types of fittings, such as fork ends, because they create a connection that is secure yet still flexible.  

eye end


Ball ends
Our plain ball ends meet Boeing specification. Their smooth, round shape is ideal for use with another swiveling assembly, such as a clevis. Like plain ball ends, single ball shank ends can easily rotate when attached to a clevis or strap fork. The shank adds protection to the cable, and also increases the holding strength of the fitting. Double ball shank fittings include a shank on either side of the ball.

Studs are a clever way to attach other types of hardware to the end of an assembly. These can be used to mount an assembly through a mating part, and they also allow you to tension the cable assembly once they are installed.

Clip Lock Turnbuckle
Our clip clock turnbuckles also meet Boeing specification. They rely on two locking clips for safety instead of traditional lock wire.

If one of our standard fittings does not suit your specific application, we welcome the opportunity to produce assembly prototypes to meet your technical standards. We can also provide proof load testing per your specific requirements.

TURNBUCKLES (1)For more information about our wire rope terminals, or see our full range of fittings, visit To start an order of terminal hardware, submit an online quote or contact us today.

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