Have you Seen Strand Core’s Technical Resources Page?


Due to Strand Core's many decades of experience, we have compiled useful information over the years about wire rope products and how products perform in numerous applications. We have compiled this information on a technical resources page. Our resources page has six different topics that are useful in ensuring you choose the suitable wire rope for your application needs and correctly use the wire rope. Continue reading to learn about three of the six different categories that can be found on our technical resources page.

Military Specification Cross Reference Guide:

At Strand Core, we manufacture cable to numerous Military Specifications. We are qualified to produce on the following Military Specifications: MIL-DTL-83420, MIL-DTL-87161, MIL-DTL-83410, MIL-DTL-18375, and MIL-W-18242B. In our guide, we provide numerous charts and tables that explain the diameter and construction of each specification and its designated part number for orders.

Stainless Aircraft Cable

Wire Rope Stretch:

As every cable or wire rope product in any application will stretch to a certain extent, it is important to know how much your product will stretch. Our stretch page highlights the two forms of stretch that occur in cable and wire rope, and we provide a calculator for you to determine how much stretch will be in your cable. We also include a stretch factor table for numerous types of wire rope products.

Architectural Cable

Product Packaging Options:

While many companies may attempt to ship strand, cable, wire rope, and cable assembly products with the same type of shipping method, Strand Core knows that the product you purchase should always be shipped in the best method to prevent any damage or issues. Our packaging page highlights the options we have for shipping which include, wooden or plastic reels and coils, bulk boxed shipments, or individually bagged assemblies.

Marine Cable

To learn more about our Mil-Spec cross reference guide, wire rope stretch page, or product packaging options, check out our technical resources page! Alternatively, if you have any questions, our team at Strand Core is happy to help! Reach out to us by email through sales@strandcore.com, or by phone at 800-983-9926.

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