Picking the Best Cable Construction for your Marine Application


While various strand, cable, and wire rope constructions are great options for the marine industry, each has different specifications and abilities worth considering. To get the best possible products for your marine application needs, Strand Core recommends 1x19, 7x7 & 6x19 constructions. Continue reading fur further insight into the capabilities and performance of each of these three constructions offered at Strand Core.  

1x19 Strand:

  • Has one straight center wire with eighteen wires wrapped around it for a total of 19 wires
  • A medium level of flexibility
  • Fairly stretch resistant
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Smooth outside

The excellent strength, medium flexibility, and stretch resistance of 1x19 strand makes it ideal for sailboat stayed rigging, dockside railings, and other waterfront architectural applications. We recommend Stainless Steel for 1x19 strand as it adds strength and a beautiful shine to your wire rope that will last for years.

7x7 Cable:

  • Has seven center wires with six wrapped around each for a total of 49 wires
  • Fairly high level of flexibility
  • Lower level of stretch resistance than 1x19 strand
  • Moderate level of tensile strength

The pretty high level of flexibility and moderate strength in 7x7 strand makes it ideal for sailboat lifeline, sailboat running rigging, boat lift winches and various single line hoisting operations. We recommend Stainless Steel for 7x7 wire rope that meets either Commercial or Military Specifications.

6x19 Wire Rope 

  • Has six strands with sixteen through twenty-six wires per strand
  • Highly flexible
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • High minimum break strength

The high flexibility of 6x19 wire rope alongside its corrosion resistance makes it ideal for marine towing and marine crane operations. 6x19 is the best wire rope to buy when looking for a construction that has an extremely high minimum break strength.


So, while there 1x19, 7x7 & 6x19 strand, cable, and wire rope constructions are excellent options for the marine industry, they each have unique properties and capabilities that are important to understand for getting the right product for the job.

If you are looking for a place to buy strand, cable, or wire rope for marine applications, look no further than Strand Core. Why buy with us? We carry various constructions and sizes of marine products, our products are Made in the USA, and we can provide a custom configuration of materials and constructions that comply with numerous industry specifications.

If you are interested in checking out our marine product options, please visit our marine wire rope product page here. If you have any questions, our team is happy to help! Reach out to us by email through sales@strandcore.com or by phone at 800-983-9926. 

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