Shipping Options for Custom Cable Assemblies

When it comes to types of packaging for wire rope and cable products, there are a wide variety of shipping and packaging options available. In our previous blog we looked at the characteristics of coils, plastic reels, plywood reels, and nailed hardwood reels. Today we will provide some key differences between packaging options for custom cable assemblies. The common types of packaging for custom cable assemblies are individually packaged & labeled and bulk package. Continue reading to learn about the different types of packaging available for custom cable assemblies!

Individually Packaged & Labeled:

When someone requires traceability for a part, individual packaging is the best option! At Strand Core, we provide individual packaging that has unique bag labeling, serialization, and additional identification upon request. By having your custom cable assembly uniquely labeled you will be sure exactly which part and number to identify when your order arrives.

Bulk Packaged:

When someone orders commercial assemblies, these are typically bulk packaged as they do not require individual identification. At Strand Core, the assemblies are packaged and shipped in bulk with bundles sizes as requested. Bundling the assemblies makes counting and storing the assemblies easier. Our package level quantities and certifications are provided, with carton level identification of customer product number and Strand Core manufacturing lot number on each box.

Now that you know the different types of packaging for cable assemblies, you can feel confident choosing the one most suited to your applications. To find out more about our assembly shipping and packaging options at Strand Core, check out our webpage here. Additionally, read about our strand, cable, and wire rope packaging options in our blog post. Alternatively, if you have any questions, our team is happy to help! Reach out to us by email through, or by phone at 800-983-9926.


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