Strand Core's Guide to Cable Assemblies


If you are looking for cable assemblies, there is no better option than Strand Core! Strand Core has numerous cable assembly products for rescue hoists and specializes in commercial assemblies and assembly hardware. Continue reading for an insight into how Strand Core can support your cable assembly needs.

Rescue Hoists:

As rescue hoists are commonly used in life-or-death situations, the strength of your cable and assemblies are crucial. Strand Core manufactures rescue hoists with exceptionally durable military standard hardware. Our military standard fittings (MS) meet MIL-DTL-781 standards and go through rigorous proof loading tests to assure your assembly can perform at the highest level. In addition to the assemblies we provide for rescue hoist applications, Strand Core also manufactures non-rotating 19x7 stainless steel aircraft cable. Our 19x7 cable is manufactured to military specifications, and its non-rotating properties make the cable ideal for rescue hoists.

Commercial Assemblies:

Our commercial assemblies are ideal for general applications, and we can make commercial assemblies using galvanized or stainless steel and can also use custom materials upon request. While our commercial assemblies are made to specific tolerances, Strand Core also provides military standard hardware for tighter tolerances.

Cable Assembly Hardware:

Strand Core offers numerous cable assembly hardware options from stock. Including commercial, military specification, and OEM hardware solutions. If you are looking for commercial fittings, we carry stops sleeves, thimbles, and marine eye ends. We have eight different options available for military fittings, including eye ends, sleeves, fork end fittings, and studs. Our OEM solutions include National Aerospace Standard ball ends, strap forks, and strap eyes.


If you are interested to learn more about our rescue hoists, commercial assemblies, or cable assembly hardware, please check out our cable assemblies pdf here. Alternatively, Strand Core can produce assembly prototypes based on your technical designs and standards. If you have any questions, our team is happy to help! Reach out to us by email through or by phone at 800-983-9926. 

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