Understanding Cable Assembly Points of Measure and Length Tolerances

image-Oct-06-2020-03-06-08-02-PMMeasuring cable assemblies and understanding the various assembly length tolerances is critical to ensuring you choose the right product for your application. Strand Core understands that these measurements and tolerances are not always the easiest to determine, so we provide a standard point of measure guide and a calculated table of assembly length tolerances. Read more to learn about these guides that help you get the suitable fittings for your application.

Standard Points of Measure:

There are three standard points of measure for customer cable assembly.

B.P (Bearing Point) - Loops, Hooks, Stops

Ctr. (Center) – Eyes, Fork

End (or Overall) – Studs, Ball, Stop

Below is an image that shows the three points of measure on a cable assembly.

measuring cable assembly

Assembly Length Tolerances:

The key takeaway of assembly length tolerances is that liberal tolerances allow a faster production rate at a lower cost. "Standard" tolerances shown in the chart on our website here, typically permit a saving over "close" tolerances. An example of our standard assembly length tolerances table is an assembly that's 0-6 feet in length should use rescue hoists/aerospace assemblies .063" in size and commercial assemblies measuring .250". Another example is assemblies over 100 feet should use a standard rescue hoist/aerospace assembly size of .563" and a commercial assembly size that is 1% of the assembly's length.

It is important to keep in mind that tolerance closer than those in the chart can be supplied at a higher cost by Strand Core upon reviewing your specific requirements and mutual agreement regarding the inspection method.

While various factors are to consider when choosing the correct fittings for your application, following the standard points of measure and assembly length tolerances guide is critical in ensuring you get the product you need for your application. If you are interested in our Custom Cable Assembly options, check out our product guide.  Alternatively, if you have any questions, our team is happy to help! Reach out to us by email through sales@strandcore.com or by phone at 800-983-9926.  

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