What are the Main Constructions of Strand, Cable, and Wire Rope?

When it comes to buying strand, aircraft cable, and wire rope, there are multiple constructions available. Each construction of strand, aircraft cable, and wire rope have unique properties. In today’s blog we will be breaking down some of the most popular constructions and their characteristics. Continue reading to learn about common constructions available at Strand Core!



1x3 Strand Non-Flexible: This strand construction has high strength properties with very little twist and is very stiff. The strand is mostly used as the core strand in other constructions.

1x7 Strand Non-Flexible: 1x7 is the basic strand for all concentric cable. It is relatively stiff, offering very little stretch.

1x19 Strand Non-Flexible: This strand is fairly flexible and can resist compressive forces. Commonly 1x19 is used in push/pull operations and has a smooth outside.

1x37 Strand Non-Flexible:  Similar to 1x19, 1x37 had a smooth outside. However, this strand is more flexible than other constructions of strand and used in larger wire ropes as it performs well in straight line operations with minimal bend.

Aircraft Cable:


3x7 Aircraft Cable-Flexible: 3x7 has very little twist as it does not have a core wire. This construction is very stiff and has little stretch. This construction is commonly used as the core strand in other constructions.

7x7 Aircraft Cable-Flexible: This construction is not extremely flexible and is mostly used in automotive and aircraft controls.

7x19 Aircraft Cable-Flexible: 7x19 is a highly flexible cable construction that performs very well in operations where flexibility and fatigue are concerns. Some common applications are aircraft controls, winches, garage doors and sailboat rigging.

19x7 Aircraft Cable Non-Rotating: The non-rotating properties of this cable make it ideal for single-line hoisting operations. The construction does not rotate in one direction, which is perfect for helicopter rescue hoists and other critical lifting operations.

Wire Rope:


6x19 IWRC Wire Rope-Flexible: The 6x19 construction is fairly flexible and is used in numerous applications. Some of these include: hoisting cranes, dredges, excavators, logging, and oil field applications.

6x19 Fiber Core Wire Rope-Highly Flexible: This construction is highly flexible but as the core is fiber it has less strength than a steel core. The construction is frequently used in marine applications, oil fields, logging, dredges, cranes, excavators, and logging.

6x37 IWRC Wire Rope-Flexible: As 6x37 has a higher wire count than 6x19 IWRC wire ropes, the 6x37 has increased flexibility. The construction is strong too, making it the perfect wire rope for hoisting cranes, excavators, logging, and dredges, and oil field applications.

6x37 Fiber Core Wire Rope-Highly Flexible: 6x37 is frequently used in marine applications and the oil field. Its superior flexibility also makes it a construction ideal in logging, dredges, cranes, and excavator applications. 

Now that you have an understanding of the various constructions of strand, cable, and wire rope, you need to choose a company that can offer high quality options of these products. Strand Core domestically manufactures each of the above mentioned constructions and offers them in a variety of sizes, constructions, and materials. To learn more, check out our construction page here! Alternatively, if you have any questions, reach out to us by email through sales@strandcore.com or by phone at 800-983-9926.

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