Wire Rope, Cable, and Strand Specification Guide


When buying wire rope, cable, and strand products, specification numbers are often listed in the description. While these numbers are significant resources, they have little meaning without knowing the requirements and details of each number. Strand Core offers products that conform to nine different specifications. By understanding the various specs, you will be able to shop for the exact requirements you need. We hope this brief guide makes getting the perfect product just a little bit easier.


Strand Core offers five Military Specification products:


This specification explains the requirements for flexible wire rope designed for aircraft control. MIL-DTL-83420 covers the requirements of carbon steel and corrosion-resistant steel for the wire rope. There are two different types of MIL-DTL-83420 Wire Rope, Type I (Non-jacketed Wire Rope) and Type II (Jacketed Wire Rope). Both Types must perform to specified levels for characteristics such as breaking strength and stretch limits.


This specification explains the requirements of non-flexible wire rope used in aircraft applications. MIL-DTL-87161 covers the requirements for carbon steel and corrosion-resistant steel for the wire strand used in aircraft application other than over sheaves. The two types of wire rope are Type I (non-flexible, 1x7 class) and Type II (non-flexible, 1x19 class). Both Types have two Constructions, one for Right Lay and the second for Left Lay. There are two composition types of the wire rope. Composition A is made of carbon steel that is zinc coated. Composition B is made of corrosion-resistant steel.


MIL-DTL-18375 covers the requirements for corrosion-resistant, nonmagnetic steel wire rope used in aircraft flight controls. The wire rope can operate within a -65 Degree F to +250 Degree F temperature range in dust, fuel, wind, and oil spills, in wash-down and other environmental stresses and aircraft experiences. All MIL-DTL-18375 wire rope must meet the breaking strength, endurance, stretch limits, ductility of steel, test load, magnetic permeability, and operating temperature range.


MIL-DTL-83140 covers the requirements for rotation-resistant preformed stainless steel wire rope intended for aircraft rescue hoists, utility, retrieval hoists or winching applications. The preformed stainless steel wire rope is available in two types. Type I is a rotation-resistant 19x7 construction that is used for hoisting (vertical) operations. Type II is a rotation-resistant 10x7 construction (7x19 IWRC) used for winching (vertical, horizontal, or at-angle) operations.


This specification covers the requirements of single leg-corrosion resisting steel for wire rope that is used in minesweeping applications.


Strand Core offers four specifications that meet O.E.M. or international standards:


RR-W-410 covers wire ropes and wire seizing strands. The specification does not include all types of wire ropes and seizing strands but covers the most common classes, types, constructions, and sizes best suited for federal government use.

ASTM A1023/A1023M:

This specification covers stranded carbon steel wire ropes used for general purposes. ASTM A1023/A1023M covers various grades, constructions, and performance requirements.


BMS7-265 is a Boeing material specification. The specification covers “wire rope for aircraft controls-flexible.”


Cessna material specification that highlights procurement requirements for long-life cables.


All nine specifications are important to keep in mind when shopping for wire rope, cable, and strand products. Knowing the various specs means you can shop for the exact requirements you need. Strand Core recommends buying wire rope, cable, and strand that meets specific specifications, to ensure you buy a high-quality product that is thoroughly tested and capable of performing at top levels.

To find out more about each of these specifications, please visit our Specifications page here. Or check out our products page to find the wire rope, cable, or strand product for you at strandcore.com. If you have any questions, our team is happy to help! Reach out to us by email through sales@strandcore.com, or by phone at 800-983-9926.

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