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Picking the Best Cable Construction for your Marine Application

Strand Core's Commitment to Quality

Bend Radius and Size Considerations when Choosing a Pulley

What's the Difference Between Regular Lay and Lang Lay?

What's the Difference Between 7x7 and 7x19 Aircraft Cable?

Recent Changes to MIL-DTL-83420

Selecting the Proper Material For Your Aircraft Cable

Strand Core's Guide to Cable Assemblies

What’s the Difference Between Elastic and Structural Stretch?

Considerations when Choosing Architectural Cable

Three Considerations When Buying Aircraft Cable

Understanding Cable Assembly Points of Measure and Length Tolerances

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What’s the Difference between 19x7 and 7x19 Aircraft Cable?

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Wire Rope Wear: Understanding Wire Breaks

Strand Core's Guide to Common Wire Rope Wear & Tear

Cable, Strand, and Wire Rope Packaging Options

Does Your Application Require Corrosion-Resistant Aircraft Cable?

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A Guide to the Different Materials Used for General Purpose Wire Ropes

The Materials Used for Wire Rope, Cable, & Strand

Resources to Reference When Buying Wire Rope, Cable, and Sheaves

Understanding Stretch in Wire Rope and Cable

Using a Pulley Radius Guide to Improve Wire Rope Life

Strand Core's Brand New Made in USA Page

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The Different Constructions Found at Strand Core

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What makes 19x7 Aircraft Cable Non-Rotating?

Strand Core Mandates Coronavirus Vaccine for all Employees

Wire Rope, Cable, and Strand Specification Guide

Strand Core Connects the Parts that Build Our World

How Buy American Act changes Affect Made in USA Wire Rope

What does it mean to Buy American?

Aircraft Cable Is Not Just For Airplanes

How to determine which type of aircraft cable or wire rope you need

Core Wire Rope Principles

Determine Drum Winding Direction: A Quick and Easy Guide

Four Common Terminals for Cable Assemblies

How to Use Our Military Specification Cross-Reference Guide

MIL-DTL-83420 Aircraft Cable by Strand Core Part Numbers

Specifying Mil-DTL-83420 Aircraft Cable

What's the Difference Between Wire, Strand, and Cable?

Balancing Flexibility, Strength, and Fatigue in Aircraft Cable

Choosing a General Purpose Wire Rope Manufacturer